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BSNL Help Desk for Broadband, Landline Complaint booking through SMS Keyword

BSNL customers or Other Operator customers can avail this service using short digit code for Landline complaint, Broadband complaint, To receive bills by email, Bill enquiry, Registration of mobile number or Email ID, To close faults by Lineman, To obtain list of Keywords for SMS based services are available from SMS based services. 

For complaint booking customer need to send the SMS keyword in format BFT(space)(STD code-Telephone number) send to 53334 (from On-net mobile numbers) or 94780 53334 (from Off-net mobile numbers) 


  • For Broadband fault booking: BFT(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number) e.g. BFT 0471-2654321
  • To Receive Bills by Email: EMS(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Billing Account Number)(space)(EMAIL ID) e.g EMS 0471-2654321 9010203040
  • For Landline fault booking: FLT(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number) e.g. LFT 0471-2654321
  • To Register Mobile Number or Email ID: REG(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Billing / Customer Number)(space)(EMAIL ID(optional)) e.g REG 0471-2654321 9010203040
  • For Bill enquiry: BILL(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Billing Account Number) e.g. BILL 0471-2654321 9010203040
  • To Register Email ID: EMAIL(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(EMAIL ID) e.g EMAIL 0471-2654321
  • To Close Faults by Lineman: CFLT(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Fault Clearance Code) e.g CFLT 0471-2654321 CABL
  • To Obtain List of Keywords for SMS based Services: LIST

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How to Deactivate BSNL Tune service on Your Mobile Phone?

In our earlier article discussed about How to Activate BSNL Tune procedure in different modes.
Like SMS, IVRS, Online i.e Website (BSNL Official vas related Website).

Now here we educate you about How to Deactivate BSNL Tunes by sending SMS from your mobile number which is already activated.

Just Call/SMS 

Send SMS to 155223 (TOLLFREE).
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How to activate BSNL Tunes on Your Mobile phone?

You can activate the BSNL Tunes service by following channels:

You can activate from in which you are currently logged in. 

IVR: Call 56700 (TOLL FREE) and select a song of your choice for the category you like.

SMS: You can even send and SMS to activate BSNL Tune. Just type SUBSCRIBE or BT ACT and send it to 56700 to activate BSNL Tunes service.

SMS BT Code: To activate any BSNL Tune you just need to send respective song code to 56700. Ex: To If you want to set the song Tum Hi Ho then you need to send SMS to 56700

SMS Search: Right from Evergreen to latest you can find your tunes by Just sending an SMS i.e. SMS Search to 56799 and you can set is as your BSNL Tune. Example: SMS Search Tum Hi Ho to 56799.

WAP: Just connect to the following WAP link from your GPRS enabled mobile and select your BSNL Tune from a vast library of songs.

Star Copy: This Channel allows the user to copy the end users tune by pressing *9. Liked your friend's Tune? Now you can copy the Tune & set it on your BSNL Mobile

USSD: Unstructured supplementary service data is a protocol that helps the user to communicate with the end party. Just Dial *567# ( TOLL FREE )

OBD: You can also activate and set BSNL tunes service by selecting a song via OBD which is a promotion call that you receive from the PRBT system and listen to various songs. While listening to the song you can press the required digit from your mobile handset to request for the song.

WEB: - You can also activate the PRBT service and song from this website. Just search for your favorite song from the various options available on this site and set it as your BSNL Tune.

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How to Check BSNL Broadband Usage via SMS and Selfcare Portal?

BSNL Broadband customers can check their Broadband plan usage in two methods by sending SMS from their mobile phone or visiting BSNL Selfcare Portal Online by registering their account. Here the following methods for checking of your Broadband plan usage by any of the following methods:

Checking of Broadband usage through SMS Method:
Register your Landline number by sending an SMS as 

REG(space)(STD Code)(Landline Number) 
to 52295(+919448077777 for Non BSNL Users) 
e.g. REG 01772123456.

For checking Broadband usage send SMS as

BBU(space)(STD Code)(Landline Number) 
to 52295(+919448077777 for Non BSNL Users) 
e.g. BBU 01772123456

Checking of Broadband usage through Online Self Care Portal :
Register at BSNL Self Care Portal ( For registration follow the registration process given at Self Care Portal.

Login into Self Care Portal and check Broadband Usage.

Dear readers,
If you have any Broadband related doubts or having any type of solutions then don't forget share on our Comment desk. Share your valuable views with other BSNL customers.

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BSNL Broadband Speed Restoration to Higher speed at your convenience

When BSNL broadband user reaches FUP limit (Fair usage policy) then automatically the speed of Broadband plan will be switched to normal speed i.e 512Kbps from 2Mbps.

In this case BSNL sends a message to BSNL csutomers to his/her registered mobile number about Speed Restoration the Higher speed using Topup of denominations, 
  • Rs.100/- upto 2GB, 
  • Rs. 200/- upto 5GB
  • Rs.300/- upto 10GB
  • Rs.500/- upto 20GB
Mobile message read as....

Dear Customer,
As your Broadband usage reached Fair Usage Limits applicable to your Broadband plan on XX-XX-XXX, the speed of you connection will work at the lower limit.
In case you need to restore to applicable higher speed for the remaining days of current month, 
Please connect to FUPTOPUP from your Broadband and choose appropriate Topup option.

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How to Deactivate 59595 Subscription by sending SMS?

Most of the Subscribers are complaining about automatically or Unknowingly some amount of Rs.X/- deducting from Mobile account...How?
Automatically Rs.X/- deducted from my main account balance what to do?

SMS received from “595951003” as
Keep getting exciting cricket gossips for all formats
If anyone getting this type of message and deducting an amount of Rs.3/- from account balance then follow this steps.
Few content providers in association with the Telecom Operators generates link based message to all its customers.
When a customer receives this message and clicked by manually error or unknowingly this subscription will be activated.
Here one of link based message services is “Cricket Dressing Room” code is 1003
Under Content provider shortcode digit service number is “59595” or “595951003”
This pack is for 5 days
If anyone has automatically activated this service then “Deactivate” by sending Unsubscribe message as below:-  Type as


Send sms to 59595

Then immediately Rs.X/- SMS charges will be deducted for unsubscribing

Finally you receive a message as
“You have been unsubscribed from all subscribed services”
If you’ve any type of experiences please share with us to know every one by helping with your words.
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Most of the customers do not wish to receive unwanted commercial calls and commercial SMS from subscribed or unsubscribed.
BSNL Customers have the option to block all commercial calls and SMS.
For this purpose, customer have to register by

Dialing toll free number 1909 or Sending SMS to 1909

When you dial the toll free number 1909, you will be prompted to register either through the customer care executive or through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS).
You can register for the Fully Blocked category in which NO COMMERCIAL CALL OR SMS will be allowed.

Dial 1909, listen to the instructions and choose one of the following for registration of preference:

  • Through customer care executive
  • Through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

Ask the customer care executive for registration.


  • You can register your preference(s) for commercial communications by sending an SMS to 1909.
  • To opt for the fully blocked category, send SMS “START 0” to 1909.
  • On receipt of request exercised through SMS, BSNL will send an SMS to confirm the options exercised.
  • You have to send a confirmation SMS so that options exercised are implemented.
  • On getting the confirmation SMS, BSNL will register your request and send you an SMS indicating your Registration Status.
  • Registration is completed within seven days of sending SMS by the customer.
NOTE: You may change your preferences for not receiving commercial communications or for receiving selected commercial SMSs, at any point of time after 7 days from the date of registration or 7 days from the date of last change of request.
You may de-register yourself from the NCPR using either a voice call on 1909 or through SMS. You will start receiving commercial communications on your telephone after de-registration.


  • Dial 1909, listen to the instructions and choose one of the following to deregister:
  • Through Customer care executive
  • Through IVRS(Interactive Voice Response System)


  • Call the toll free number 1909 and select to de-register through customer care executive.
  • Ask the customer care executive to deregister you from NCPR.
  • The customer care executive will accept the request and confirm the same.
  • You will also get an SMS confirming your deregistration.


  • Call the toll free number 1909 and select to de-register through the IVRS.
  • Follow the instructions of the IVRS to get deregistered. The IVRS willconfirm your selection to get deregistered.
  • You will get a SMS confirming your deregistration.


  • Send SMS “STOP” to 1909.
  • You will get a SMS informing you of your deregistration request and
  • seeking your confirmation through SMS.
  • Send SMS confirming your request.

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