BSNL customers or Other Operator customers can avail this service using short digit code for Landline complaint, Broadband complaint, To receive bills by email, Bill enquiry, Registration of mobile number or Email ID, To close faults by Lineman, To obtain list of Keywords for SMS based services are available from SMS based services. 

For complaint booking customer need to send the SMS keyword in format BFT(space)(STD code-Telephone number) send to 53334 (from On-net mobile numbers) or 94780 53334 (from Off-net mobile numbers) 


  • For Broadband fault booking: BFT(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number) e.g. BFT 0471-2654321
  • To Receive Bills by Email: EMS(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Billing Account Number)(space)(EMAIL ID) e.g EMS 0471-2654321 9010203040
  • For Landline fault booking: FLT(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number) e.g. LFT 0471-2654321
  • To Register Mobile Number or Email ID: REG(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Billing / Customer Number)(space)(EMAIL ID(optional)) e.g REG 0471-2654321 9010203040
  • For Bill enquiry: BILL(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Billing Account Number) e.g. BILL 0471-2654321 9010203040
  • To Register Email ID: EMAIL(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(EMAIL ID) e.g EMAIL 0471-2654321
  • To Close Faults by Lineman: CFLT(space)(STD Code-Telephone Number)(space)(Fault Clearance Code) e.g CFLT 0471-2654321 CABL
  • To Obtain List of Keywords for SMS based Services: LIST

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